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FCTA Mobilises Soldiers to Secure Abuja Light Rail

It is expected that armed soldiers will complement the two local private security outfits.

To stem any security breach, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Administration is mobilising soldiers and policemen to secure the Abuja Light Rail track and terminals.
The Mandate Secretary, Transportation Secretariat, Hon. Abdullahi Adamu Candido disclosed this in Abuja.
He said the FCT Minister, Mohammed Musa Bello, had already discussed the proposal to protect infrastructure on Lots 1A and 3 with the armed forces.

It is expected that armed soldiers will complement the two local private security outfits, Messrs Al-Ahli Security Guards and Messrs Segad Security and Protection Limited, who were on December 9 awarded the contract for the security and protection of the rail facilities.

“I wish to let you know that by God’s Grace as the rail track maintenance commences the FCT Administration has already taken steps and has spoken to all the combat-ready armed personnel – the military and the police.
“They will join the civil security outfit that has just been engaged so they are not just going to be embarking on this service with no armed personnel around them.
“They are going to be complemented by this armed personnel while they do their civil security checks by ensuring that vandals and hooligans are deterred from rail track,” Candido said.

He also disclosed that the administration has taken delivery of 12 Diesel Multiple Units Rolling Stocks (DMUs) and other depot equipment including a flat wagon and a rescue crane, to enable the commencement of the railway service from the Metro Station to Idu, Airport and from Idu to Kubwa when the rehabilitation work on the vandalised portions of the rail tracks is completed.

Candido added that the administration had also embarked on the construction of combined block well and metal grill barricades on both sides of the railway corridor to ensure the protection of completed infrastructure and the passengers, and keep away unauthorised persons, including herds from the railway corridor.

Olawale Ajimotokan in Abuja