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Nigeria’s Interior Minister Tunji-Ojo To Relocate Correctional Centres To Meet 100 Metres Buffer Zone Requirements

The Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, has emphasised the need to relocate correctional centres due to urbanisation impacts

The Minister of Interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, has said that urbanisation is real, therefore some correctional centres must be relocated to ensure compliance with the 100 metres buffer zone stipulated by the government.

He also said there must be efficient management of government structure resources and inter agency collaboration.

The Minister said this while in Lagos on Monday during his tour of agencies under his ministry.

Accompanied on his tour by officials of the agency under his command, including the civil service defence corp, immigration officials, correctional service officials and members of the press.

Giving an account of his observation, the minister said, “I see no reason why it should be here. Of course, you can see the magistrate court here, a church there, residential buildings, and a lot of commercial structures around.

“The government is looking into that, to see how we can perhaps relocate some of these correctional centres, and Ikoyi being very key in that regard.

“Do not forget that the law says you need a buffer zone of about 100 meters. As you can see, the buffer zone here is almost zero. This is a law-abiding government, and we will explore all opportunities and avenues to ensure we do what is legally right,” Tunji-Ojo said.

The minister added that it was the aim of the current administration to make correctional centres places that will, “transform, reform and be corrected.”

The reason for the change of name from prisons which is a place of incarceration to correctional which means a place of “correction” should take effect immediately.

However, he noted that the aim would be difficult to achieve in their present environments.

The minister also pointed to the Suleja Correctional Centre as another example, expressing concern that it is located just 7 meters away from the nearest house.

Nancy Mbamalu 

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