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2023 Elections: I’m in Race to End Nigerians’ Suffering, Says Peter Obi

He insists he’s the most qualified among all presidential contestants.

Presidential candidate of Labour Party (LP), Mr. Peter Obi, said he was in the race to end the suffering of Nigerians.
Obi promised to change the condition of the country through provision of employment, adequate security, and industrialisation, and ensure unity among others.
He said he was the most qualified among the presidential contestants.

Speaking during a mega rally held in Ado-Ekiti, Obi lamented the poor economic situation in the country, insecurity, and unemployment, and promise to find a lasting solution to it, if elected.

He said the people should vote for him based on his integrity and ability to serve them efficiently, urging them to do away with any sentiment based on religion and ethnicity.
While noting that Nigerians needed a leader with vision at this critical period, Obi said, “People are suffering in this country and we want to end the suffering. Today, there is no security and unity in the country; we will unite and secure this country.

“People are hungry in the country, our youths have no job, they don’t know what to do, our youths are not doing anything, and what we want to do is to move the country from consumption to a production county. If we start to produce in the country, our youths will start to have jobs.”
Obi told the people not to allow anyone to use tribe or turn to convince them on election day.

He stated, “The election is in days’ time, and I want you to vote for me, because I am the most qualified candidate. This election is not by tribe, let no one tell you it is by tribe. I am from the South-east, so, if they say it is by tribe, I will say it is my turn but we are not contesting based on tribe, but I am contesting as a Nigerian, who is most qualified.

“This year’s election is about character and who we can trust, and because of this, I am the most qualified person in the race. We are going to stop corruption. If it is about commitment, I have compassion and commitment.

“If it is about ability to deliver, go and check their ages, you will see that it is between 70 and 75, while I am about 60. I have both physical and mental energy to serve you better.

“They are making our youths to ‘japa’; we want to bring you back, because we will create the enabling environment in the country. Please, vote for me to end poverty, insecurity, and unemployment.”  

Gbenga Sodeinde