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Nigeria, Canada to Strengthen Economic Ties Through Trade Exposition for Multi-Million Dollar Investments

Ontario’s Minister emphasised potential for mutual growth and prosperity through trade, investment, and knowledge exchange with Nigeria.

Nigeria and Canada will continue to partner through a trade exposition that will help to foster economic ties and create a potential for multimillion-dollar investments between the two countries.

The Chief Executive Officer of Alpha Oasis International, Bose Odueke, in a statement, said the third in the series of the partnership put together by the company, with the support of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade, and in collaboration with the City of Brampton, will unlock opportunities in infrastructure development, agriculture, technology, innovation, and energy.

She stated that the annual event scheduled for Toronto, Canada, is poised to provide an essential platform for strategic networking and participant partnerships, adding that the Expo aims to create avenues for investments for both countries and facilitate critical knowledge transfer and the exchange of ideas.

According to her, “The Expos serve as a bridge between Canada and Nigeria, achieving immense success by facilitating dialogues and creating avenues for collaboration. With the support of our partners, we aim to elevate these discussions further, especially focusing on key sectors vital for economic growth.

“Canadian businesses stand to gain significantly from these interactions. The Expo 2024 holding from September 12-16, will attract Heads of conglomerates, senior government officials, foreign affairs representatives, and export agencies.”

She said the previous edition engendered successful collaborations between Canadian and Nigerian businesses in critical sectors.

“Through this event, we will continue strengthening the economic relationship between Ontario and Nigeria. Our relationship has so much potential, and we are eager to explore avenues that will drive mutual growth and prosperity,” said Victor Fedeli, Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

“By cultivating trade, investment, and knowledge exchanges, we are confident that our collective efforts will lead to positive outcomes”, she said.

Kemi Olaitan

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