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Osazie-Uzzi: Adamawa REC Appointed By Buhari, Can’t Be Removed By INEC

He however said INEC can strip him of his duties because his duties are delegated.

Former INEC director for publicity and voter Education, Oluwole Osazie-Uzzi, has described the “declaration” of Aisha ‘Binani’ Dahiru as Adamawa Staye governor-elect as bewildering. 

Speaking Monday on ARISE NEWS on the illegal announcement of results by the Resident Electoral Commissioner, Hudu Ari, Mr. Osazie-Uzzi emphatically stated that the REC had no authority announcing the results.

He said “I don’t know why he did what he did. Its bewildering and I’m happy at the reaction of the commission. It was swift and decisive. We haven’t heard the whole story. I don’t know why he called the collation forward and if he informed the stakeholders that instead of 11oclock, it’s 9 o’clock. He certainly is not the returning officer, only the returning officer has the right to make the declaration.” 

The former INEC Director however, said the commission can do little or nothing about the situation as it is not within the purview of the commission to remove RECs.  He said this is because the RECs are appointed by the office of the president.

  “The commission can’t do much as the it doesn’t appoint the REC. The REC is appointed by the president. However, he can be removed by an address by the two third of the senators addressing the president.

“INEC has no say in the appointment of RECs but it must work with its commissioners. The law actually says there is a new introduction that the REC is answerable to the commission but that is just in the black letter Law. In practice, it is not necessarily so.” He spoke.

Mr. Osazie-Uzzi also stated that he expects the commission, if after all investigations find him culpable, to strip him of his duties because his duties are delegated. 

Regarding the attacks on the national commissioners, he said the state should be responsible for those individuals. 

He said “In discharging the task and duties, I think you need the protection of the state that has sent you to do this job. It is a very unfortunate thing and I think the commission and the security agencies will have to look into ways to protect these persons.”  

He also made a call for all those who facilitated the illegal announcement to be brought to book and those who were responsible for the mob action to be held accountable for their actions.

Chioma Kalu