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Nigeria, 50 Others to Play Homeless World Cup in the US

The Street Soccer tournament will take place from July 8 to July 15 2023.

position to announce alongside our partner Street Soccer USA that the state capital of California, Sacramento and California State University, Sacramento will be hosting the Homeless World Cup in 2023.”

California State University, Sacramento President Robert Nelsen said: “The University’s role as tournament host is another illustration of its commitment to building deep and meaningful connections in our community and beyond.

“I am proud to that we will host the Homeless World Cup in 2023, and I look forward to welcoming athletes from around the world to our campus. This event will reimagine the conversations surrounding the global issue of homelessness while transforming the lives of the athletes as well as the spectators.”

Lawrence Cann, Street Soccer USA Co-founder and President said: “Hosting the Homeless World Cup for the first time in the United States is a signal of Street Soccer USA’s ambition to drive social impact through soccer at scale and from the bottom up.