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Laycon, Nengi Favourites ahead of Big Brother Lockdown Finale

The final five housemates in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown will know their fate on Sunday when voters decide who leaves with the N85 million grand prize. To many followers

The final five housemates in the Big Brother Naija Lockdown will know their fate on Sunday when voters decide who leaves with the N85 million grand prize.

To many followers of the show, both ardent fans and casual observers, the favourites to be crowned the winner is down to either Laycon or Nengi.

This season has seen both housemates dominate social media and gather most votes when put up for eviction. However, Sunday’s verdict will determine whose dominance was stronger.

Numerous predictions favour Laycon as the winner of the fifth season of the reality TV show which kicked off on July 19. Despite fears of the ravaging COVID-19, the organisers went ahead to host the popular show under strict health measures.

Unlike previous seasons, the housemates had no encounter with outsiders except for the DJs and a few musicians who entertained them within an enclosed area.

The usual twists of new and fake housemates were also not included in this season as a preventive measure. More so, the duration of the show was reduced to 71 days as against the 91 days which has been the case in previous editions.

However, this changes in no way subtracted from the entertainment value of the show. Fans have been intrigued by the series of drama that have shaped this edition. From the disqualification of Erica, to Ozo and Nengi’s relationship to Lucy’s antics, there has hardly been a dull moment.

Laycon however has grown to be a fan’s favourite, mostly because of his humble background. Unlike some other housemates with pedigree and good looks, Laycon had little or nothing to show apart from his talent.

His creativity endeared many to him and with most music stars rooting for him. In no time, the underdog narrative began to change to that of an probable winner.

Arguably, his support is built on sympathy. His die-hard fans believe that he deserves the N85 million grand prize more than other contestants. And with his recent revelation of his genotype (He is SC) a few days ago, the support for him to clinch the coveted title has soared tremendously.

Notwithstanding, Nengi fans are not backing out. They are also pushing for the fair-skinned Bayelsa State indigene to win on Sunday. Armed with attractive looks, Nengi is mostly loved for her beauty. She also grabbed headlines with the way she handled her fellow housemate Ozo‘s interest in her.

While the latter continuously professed and expressed his love for her, she never gave him the green light. His constant attachment to her is believed to have cost Ozo a chance in the finals. He was regarded as the most intellectual housemate in the house.

It is also whispered in some corners that of the two housemates, Nengi is a good face for the brand. If she emerges the winner on Sunday, she will become the second female to win the show. Mercy Eke was crowned the first female winner of Big Brother Naija last year.

While Laycon and Nengi seem to be the favourites, Dorathy also has a fiercely loyal fan base who though less vocal others, have shown resilience in helping her get to the finals, and were especially supportive on the two occasions she was up for eviction.

Meanwhile, though Neo and Vee strategically secured a place in the finals, the possibility of them being in the top three is very slim as their ‘bloc’ votes will most likely be divided between them.

. Butthen again in the Big Brother Naija house, anything is possible.