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Investing in Nigeria’s Agricultural Sector Crucial for Economic Growth, Says Netherlands Deputy Consul-General Van Der Stijl

Netherlands Deputy Consul-General Leonie Van Der Stijl has emphasised the critical importance of investing in Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

Leonie Van Der Stijl, Deputy Consul-General of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Lagos has emphasised the critical importance of investing in Nigeria’s agricultural sector. She stated, “Investing in Nigeria’s agricultural sector is crucial for economic growth,” highlighting the Netherlands’ commitment to fostering economic partnerships with Nigeria.

During an interview with ARISE NEWS on Monday, Van Der Stijl pointed out that “Trade relations between our countries are robust, focusing significantly on commodities such as oil, gas, and agricultural products like cocoa, sesame seeds, and cashew nuts,” Van Der Stijl pointed out, stressing the potential for Nigeria to expand its trade sales in these key sectors.

Addressing challenges faced by Nigerian travelers to the Netherlands, Van Der Stijl discussed the visa application process, noting, “The visa application process is rigorous yet fair, with an average processing time of three to four weeks.” She emphasized the importance of complying with visa regulations to counteract the growing issue of fraud involving counterfeit invitation letters.

“In addition to economic ties, cultural exchanges between Nigeria and the Netherlands are flourishing, with Nigerian music and fashion making a significant impact in Europe,” Van Der Stijl highlighted. She also mentioned collaborative efforts in climate change initiatives.

 “A recent waste-to-energy project between Harvest Waste and the Lagos government in partnership with a Dutch company,” she said

Van Der Stijl’s remarks underscored the ongoing cooperation and mutual benefits between Nigeria and the Netherlands across economic, cultural, and environmental fronts, highlighting opportunities for further growth and development in bilateral relations.


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