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FoodBayTv Launches Digital Food Show For Gen Z

Co-founder Ogundoro said unlike other food shows, its interest is not in the cooking but in the experiences and memories created around food.

The Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Foodbaytv, Oluwafemi Ogundoro has announced the launch of a new show called the Food Quest.

Foodbaytv is an African food and lifestyle platform whose goal is to showcase the best of African food and lifestyle.

 Ogundoro, in an interview during the launch at the weekend, said the show is targeted at getting the generation Z population to experience various African Foods that are almost extinct to them.

He said “Food Quest is a digital food show that is focused on getting a lot of Gen Zs to experience authentic African food that are at the verge of extinction and the format is using the space which they are conversant with.

“This show was born out of the realization that a lot of people, millennials, experience a lot of things that the Gen Zs don’t experience right now and our food is rich and the culture is incomplete without our food. So, we at Foodbaytv did a deep dive and realized that it is important to take them back in time for them to understand where we are coming from, where we are right now and how we can improve our food in the future.

“Food is the next big thing in the world. China has succeeded in taking it beyond Asia and now everywhere you go, you get to experience Chinese food. Nigeria too. Now if these guys (Gen Zs) constitute about 65% of the population and are not aware of these basic meals, then it’s looking like we might be getting a lost generation in our hands. We don’t want that to happen in terms of food. That is why we are championing a course such as this.“

Ogundoro however, emphasized that contrary to other food shows on television, the show’s interest is not in the cooking but in the experiences and memories created around the food and therefore will not concentrate on the cooking aspect. He also added the attention span of the target audience is very short and has to be adequately maximized.

He said “This is not a cooking show. Cooking is just part of the process, but how about the consumption? so, for us in Foodbaytv, it is not just about cooking but about the experiences created around food.”

Ogundoro stated that the show which would largely be shown on youtube will also be streamed on Instagram.

Chioma Kalu