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Tunisia Suffers Rare Nationwide Power Cut

The National power corporation states the malfunction was due to “technical dysfunction.”

Residents and the national energy firm STEG stated on Wednesday that power supplies were interrupted across Tunisia for two hours, but the cause of the uncommon statewide outage remained unknown.

The state power company cited a “technical malfunction” at the major power plant in Rades, around 15 km south-east of Tunis.

At the Rades power station, witnesses reported hearing an explosion and seeing flames.

According to his ministry, Interior Minister Kamal Feki was on his way to the Rades power plant to examine the cause of the outage.

“The cause is purely technical and has nothing to do with any explosion,” said Mounir Ghabri, head of communications at Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG).

Power was progressively restored during the day, while some residents were still experiencing issues.

Glamour Adah