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Rev. Hayab: El-Rufai Is Setting A Slippery Ground For Tinubu, His Worldview Is Divide And Rule

He said the Ex-Kaduna Governor is only pushing an agenda in order to stay relevant.

The Kaduna State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria, has called on the Christian community to ignore the extremist video that has circulated the media with El-Rufai bashing the community.

In the viral video, El-Rufai was heard saying the victory of Bola Tinubu has silenced the Christian Association of Nigeria, adding that he foresees an Islamic dominated government for twenty years, not just in Kaduna, but in Nigeria at large.

In his reaction, the CAN Chairman, Rev. John Joseph Hayab said the video was just a bid for him to continue to make rounds and stay relevant.

Rev. Hayab also said the video goes to how that the immediate past governor of Kaduna state is up for an agenda which he intends to push.

He said “Nigerians must know why El-Rufai is doing what he is doing. They must understand the game behind all these comments. Rufai is up to something and I’m going to say why he is doing this so that Nigerians will understand and not waste their time arguing and debating on a man who is up for an agenda which we will watch and see if it will materialize.

“I need to let Nigerians know. We have always played the religious cards. People are pretending and don’t want to speak about it. Buhari, in all the three initial attempts he had to be president played all these games and it never worked for him. But because he played that game, the he went into alliance with other political parties and eventually became president, Rufai is living in that dream, that he can play the religious game and possibly also tomorrow become the president of Nigeria. 

“So, it’s not a matter of whether people are angry or if the statements are weighty. El-Rufai was only talking about himself. He has no respect for Islam nor the Islamic clerics. He is just doing everything for himself, to get what he wants and not about the religion or the people”. 

The CAN President also said the statements made in the video would serve as a ‘slippery ground’ for President Tinubu, as many people would turn to him when things go south.

“Also, El-Rufai is purposely setting a slippery ground for Bola Tinubu because the moment this thing become heated, then people will go to Bola Tinubu. But we know the difference between El-Rufai, Tinubu and others” He said

Rev. Hayab also debunked the claims that CAN endorsed Peter Obi as their Christian candidate for the presidential election.

He said “Christian association of Nigeria never for once to my knowledge, announced that Christians should vote Peter Obi, that he is a Christian candidate. No.”

Chioma Kalu