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Fubara: Those Fighting My Administration Lack Integrity

Rivers Governor Fubara says real people with integrity and character, are solidly behind his administration.

Rivers State Governor, Mr Siminalayi Fubara, has stated that those causing crisis in the state lack integrity, stressing that the real people with integrity and character, are solidly standing with his administration.

The Governor emphasised that, in life, it is more profitable for an individual to acknowledge what is right, and refuse to yield to negative persuasions in order to remain true to it.

He stressed that some persons who claim and arrogate integrity and character to themselves, actually do not have any iota of such qualities, stressing that the former Governor of Rivers State, Dr Peter Odili, is a prominent personality with enviable character.

Governor Fubara made the assertion at weekend, while addressing the people at Ndoni Town, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area shortly after inaugurating the Comprehensive Primary Health Centre in the community, donated by PAMO Educational Foundation, founded by Dr Odili.

The health center was donated by Odili to the State Government for use by the people.

Governor Fubara, who expressed delight over the invitation to be part of the event, thanked God for the gift of life, and and appreciated Ndoni people for supporting their own, who had attracted far reaching recognition to them.

He explained, “I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again: it doesn’t matter the number of people that stand with you. Even if you’re standing alone, no matter the side you’re standing, provided you are standing on the right side, maintain your stand. And we are happy to stand with him (Odili). 

“We are also happy that he is standing with us. Even his person alone is giving people high blood pressure. They are restless, granting all sorts of media interviews. Why are they doing it? It is because the people that matter, the people that have what they claimed they have; integrity, are with us. That is the truth.

“So, if we have one person who has integrity and character, is it not better than having 1,000 persons with questionable character? So, we are happy to identify with him.”

Governor Fubara restated his promise of making sure that everything that is needed to make the health centre function maximally would be supplied to further support the people of Ndoni.

“We came here to celebrate with our own Daddy. It is a celebration of giving back to society. It is natural that when God blesses you, such time should come when you say: let me return back those blessings to the society. 

“And we are happy to identify with what I consider, and I want to tag as the ‘I’ agenda. This is the genuine ‘I’ agenda project.”

Governor Fubara said further: “This was not done when he was in power, when he could have used public funds to execute projects. He is no longer in government. He is a private man.

“And now that he is a private man, he has done something to support his people. That is the right time to use the word ‘I’ did this.

“Let me thank our people. Continue to support our Daddy. He is a great man. He is integrity and character personified. It is only those who understand what greatness is all about that will appreciate what he has done,” he said.

Speaking further, Governor Fubara said: “Greatness is not about money. Greatness is the value that you give to yourself. Greatness is the respect that you preserve for yourself. 

“So that even when you’re being insulted, you look around and say: I know my value, I will not bring myself down. So, continue to stand with it. God will help us to achieve the purpose of governance with your help,” he emphasised.

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