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Those Disrespecting Me Will End in Disgrace, Says Rivers Governor Fubara to Detractors

Former Rivers Governor Peter Odili declared the incumbent Fubara as the political leader of the state.

Rivers State Governor, Mr Siminalayi Fubara has expressed that those detractors disrespecting him and his office today, would someday be disgraced, saying that he will not turn back from his ongoing human development projects in the state.

This as the former governor of the state, Dr Peter Odili has publicly announced Governor Fubara as the political leader of the state.

Governor Fubara who spoke on Thursday, in his remarks before he commissioned the Comprehensive Primary Health Care Centre donated by the PAMO Educational Foundation in Ndoni, Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni local government area of the state, said his administration will continue to protect the interest of Rivers people.

Determined to ensure the wellbeing of Rivers people, governor Fubara said he will continue doing things that are right to make the people proud, stressing that what the detractors thought was for evil against his government, God has turned it to good.

Surprised that the LGA chairmen and other loyalists of the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Nyesom Wike were in the event to support him, Fubara said “We must maintain the dignity and respect of Rivers State. We’ll not be intimidated. We’ll continue to do those things that are right to make you proud. We are not going back on it and what they thought was for evil, God has turned it to good.

“I am surprised I saw the chairman of Ogba/Egbema/ Ndoni council here because for a very longtime, any events that has to do with the state government, LGA chairmen don’t attend.

“Let me say it here that anyone of you who think you are disrespecting me, you have already dug your pit, you will fall inside it. Our minds are open and we do not wish anybody bad but we expect you to do what is right. For those of you that has decided to take that part you think leads to your destination, safe journey.

“Siminalayi Fubara and his team will continue to take that course that God has given us, we’ll flow in a direction that your resistance won’t matter to us. We will flow in a direction that will lead to our destination and we’ll make our people proud”.

The governor continued “They say we are clueless, if providing quality education, healthcare, targeting critical projects is being clueless, we agree with them but we’ll not do roads to please somebody. We’ll do those things that everyone would benefit from. We’ll ensure that those critical issues that will be fit our people in this critical time, we’ll do them

“I thank God that the few projects we have done everyone can attest to it that they are critical projects that will benefit our people in this critical time”.

Speaking on the commissioned project, the governor said is important because his target area as a government is healthcare, education, empowerment in form of agriculture and others. He said the ongoing development in the state is in line with the President Bola Tinubu’s vision on human development and other projects.

“We made a promise to Mr President, to support him and we will continue to support him, by ensuring that our people’s welfare are cared for. Ensuring that our people, those critical things that will make them happy in this hardship situation we get for them. We can go as much as we can to mitigate those things: we are doing it in the Housing.

“We will not record anything that will cut short the life of anybody in this state. We will make this state that society that everybody dears for, egalitarian society where you are free to express yourself, move about, criticse me objectively, maybe that will make me to have a focus. That is the society we want to build”.

Describing the former governor Odili as the father of politics in the state and admiring the health facility donated to his (Odili) people in Ndoni, Fubara expressed “Our leader, this is the best thing you have done. It is the best because you are doing it when you are not in office. The once I am doing now is with public fund not my own.

“It is a honour to be part of this historic event. Historic because Dr. Peter Odili and his family are no longer in government like I am but he has returned what God has done for him to say let me take my resources, not government resources to build a facility and dedicate it to God and people of Ndoni, it is most dedicated thing anyone who claims that he loves his community, who claims that he loves God would do”, the governor added.

Earlier, in his remarks, the former governor, announced Governor Fubara as the political leader of the state, thanking you him for standing firm notwithstanding the challenges he has had in the past months.

Dr Odili who described the governor as young and well charactered, expressed delight that the governor turned the event which he described as being planned small to a state event, saying that he brought the entire Rivers people to Ndoni. 

He advised the governor to be focused, saying “Your Excellency, for standing up to your oath of office, to defend the interest of all Rivers people in accordance with the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, you have done that well standing on firm ground and with the strength and courage of a lion. We are proud of you.

“Your visit is unique and historical. Let us begin by congratulating by winning the heart of Rivers people, and for winning your election resoundingly and the confirmation by the highest court in Nigeria that you are the elected governor of Rivers state.

“Politics is over, it is now time for governance and you have to hit the ground running, you have touched the critical sectors. In less than one year in office, you have touched education, you have touched health, but the key of what you have done so far is the focus on human beings, on the people, especially the poor amongst you. Human being is the soul of the society. So touching the lives of human being is more important, you have started showing signs of that.” 

Encouraging the governor to continue to align on the vision of the President, Odili advised “Your Excellency, your government is aligning correctly with President Bola Tinubu’s led government. A few days back Mr President had set up what he has called ‘Primary Healthcare Fellows’, a scheme that is programmed to cover the 774 local government of the federal republic of Nigeria. 

“Our people said I should tell you to stand firm with the President, align with his positive policies and carry Rivers people to the engine room of the federal government. For those who are not bothered to pay attention, if you look at the map, the entire map of Nigeria is sitting on Rivers State. When Rivers state coughs, Nigeria will catch cool. 

“So, regard your office as key and vital, don’t look back it is not a matter of age, it is a matter of your people who are with you. And they have asked me to tell you that you are the political leader of Rivers state. Rivers people say, where you go we will go with you. Where you stand we will stand with you. You are standing on firm ground, stand there, hold on to God, the rest of the journey will be a piece of the cake”, Odili advised.

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