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Let’s Save Rivers’ Soul Together From Detractors, Governor Fubara Pleads

Rivers Governor Fubara says there’s a fierce fight to destroy the soul of Rivers State.

Rivers State Governor, Mr Siminalayi Fubara, has called for a joint fight to save the soul of the state from detractors who are bent of destroying its stability.

Governor Fubara who said there is a fierce fight over the soul of the State to destroy it, noted that only the well-meaning persons who are standing firmly with him can wield the force of unity to save it.

Fubara made the call yesterday, in remark at the hometown of Celestine Omehia in Ubima community, Ikwerre Local Government Area, during the burial of his 95 years old, late Mrs Cecilia Omehia.

Fubara who attended the event alongside some prominent traditional leaders in the state, said the visit was to demonstrate love and show support to Mr Omehia who, as a son, had satisfactorily performed the duty of giving his mother a befitting burial.

He said, “I have come here with a few of us; very respected elders of the State, to come and support you and say to you that ‘we sorrow with you. The most important thing is to show our concern and love. Any human being that shows enmity to death, that person is not even normal. 

“We also rejoice with you for a life lived well to fulfillment by Mama. We wish Mama safe journey. Let her stay well where she has gone.”

Governor Fubara told the elders of the need for every true lover of the State to synergise and be resolute in the fight to safeguard the soul of Rivers State.

The Governor decried the evil of politics of bitterness and the telling danger it has on the progress of the State, which according to him, should be discouraged as a bad political culture in contemporary times.

He said: “Anybody who claims to love this State should not be party to anything, directly or indirectly, that will bring us backwards. We will continue to support every course that will advance the interest of our dear Rivers State. 

“And I am happy to say, and I’ve said it over and again, it doesn’t matter the number of people that are standing with me, I will stand on that side of truth.”

The Governor emphasised: “I will not, I repeat, I will not govern our dear State on my knees (bending). If that was the purpose, I will not do that. I will stand to govern our dear State and stand continually on the side of right. 

“But politics of bitterness will not take us anywhere. So, I want to thank you that, at this stage, we have a few of you who understand that Rivers State belongs to everyone of us. We must, therefore, fight together to sustain the soul of this State,” he added. 

In his speech, Mr Celestine Omehia, expressed appreciation, on behalf of his family, to Governor Fubara, his delegation and other friends, among whom, were those he described as matured elders, for the show of love.

He said his mother died at 95 years, which is 25 years of grace added to the 70 years as specified in the Bible, and assured that he will sustain her legacy because she was their role model.

Omehia also said that he was well known as a man who takes decision and stands by it no matter the consequences.

He, therefore, declared: “I have taken a decision to be SIMplified. Where ever you go (Fubara), is where I will go. If you say tomorrow, you are no more interested in this position, I will also stop fighting for anything in Rivers State. 

“But, God who gave you the opportunity will also give you all the wisdom, strength, power and everything that it takes to govern the people of Rivers State and beyond.”

He assured the Governor that almost the entire people of the State, including chiefs, elders, opinion leaders, women, youths, civil society groups and professionals across all spectrums of the State were praying and working assiduously for the success of his Administration. 

Omehia told the Governor that it is that support and prayers of the people that he needs to succeed, because, according to him, one with God, is with majority, and will always excel and succeed.

He, therefore, urged the Governor to continue in his strides to deliver good governance, peaceful and prosperous State to the present and future generations. 

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