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‘Success Of Obi’s Social Media Campaign Dependent on INEC’s Integrity’


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Member of Peter Obi’s Central Coordinators, Felix. S. Yusuf, spoke about the success of the Labour Party’s social media campaign being dependent on the Independent National Electoral Commission’s (INEC) credibility during The Morning Show on Wednesday.

Mr. Yusuf stated that social media is a crucial instrument for winning elections, but that he is more concerned about INEC’s credibility than he is about social media since INEC must be honest and accurate for the campaign to succeed.

“Social media is an important instrument in winning an election because the efficacy of social media is dependent on INEC’s credibility.”

He went on to say that social media had been used from the beginning to bring reports from the grass roots, to encourage people to register for their Personal Voter’s Card (PVC), collect it, and vote.

On the Labour Party’s structure, Yusuf stated that the structure is being built, and the ‘Obidients’ have begun meeting and identifying like minds, as well as using technology to mobilize themselves.

“We only come on social media to report on the work that has been accomplished at the grass root level”

In response to questions concerning Peter Obi’s meeting with the PDP Rivers state governor and other governors, Yusuf stated that they are not arch enemies and that just because they are members of different political parties, it does not prevent them from getting together for advice and cooperation when necessary.

“Obi and Wike aren’t enemies, just because we’re in opposite parties doesn’t mean we’re enemies, there’ll be consultation and collaboration where there needs to be.”

In order to ensure that their preferred candidate is elected President in the general election of 2023, the speaker says that not only the candidate but also the people as a whole must work together, volunteer, and contribute to the country’s good.

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