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FCCPC Confirms Release of Consumer Arrested on Orders of Tomato Paste Maker 

Irukera said society cannot afford to fear that “fair expressions would become subject to law enforcement.”

The CEO of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), Babatunde Irukera, has confirmed the release of Chioma Egodi who was arrested on the orders of the Eriscofoods brand.

Chioma Egodi was arrested after she published a tomato paste review which the brand described as misleading

In a statement signed by management of Erisco foods, they said that the Facebook post made by Egodi was in a bid to discredit the image of the company.

The statement read “Our initial reaction was to ignore and disregard the post which was obviously intended to mislead our esteemed customers and discredit the image of Erisco Foods Limited, as previously instigated by some elements and syndicates who are uncomfortable with our increasing market dominance as a leading indigenous manufacturer of 100% natural tomato pastes. 

“Considering, however, that Erisco Foods Limited has built a reputation as a credible organization committed to due process and the good of humanity, we have decided to bring the said publication to the attention of relevant authorities.” 

However Irukera said on social media platform X that the society would no longer have fear that “fair expressions would become subject to law enforcement.”

He said “Grateful for the restoration of Ms. Egodi’s liberty,but determined to ensure we never walk this path again.

“Criminality in commerce is an exception.Our society cannot endure under the threat or fear that fair expressions (when properly so) can become subject of law enforcement.”

Chioma Kalu

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