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Yunusa Tanko: Uzodinma’s Promise To Relocate 4000 Imo Youth Is Insulting, Deceitful

“Imolites are people who want to build their state. they don’t look for handout and become a refugee in another man’s land.”

The Labour Party national director of media, Yunusa Tanko, has said the promise by Governor Hope Uzodimma to take 4000 Imo youth abroad is an insult to the state.

Governor Uzodinma, during one of his vote mobilisations tour ahead of the governorship election, promised to assist no fewer than 4,000 interested indigenes of Imo State with relocation and employment in Europe and Canada before the end of December this year.

In an interview with ARISE NEWS on Friday, Tanko said that it is a deceitful move by the governor who has not been able to provide basic employment to the youth within the State.

“The Athan governorship manifesto tried to look into the issue of the youth. It’s not this particular issue of giving job opportunities to imolites young boys and girls abroad. That is total deceit because how many of them have you employed back home to build the state and you are telling them that you are going to give them tickets, that is insulting.

“Imolites are people who want to build their state. they don’t look for handout and become a refugee in another man’s land.

He also added that Athan would rather than make fake promises, ensure to provide jobs within the state.

“First of all, we want to ensure that we bring dignity and integrity to Imolites, making sure they have job opportunities within to build their state. By doing so, there would be a collective effort and responsibility to move the state forward.

Also responding to their level of confidence in INEC, in the area of transparency, he said the LP members and the entire people of Imo are hopeful that the INEC will right the wrongs they recorded during the presidential elections.

“INEC has a lot of work to do. They need to show that what they did to the Nigerian people in the 2023 election, especially the Presidential election, was a mistake they are willing to correct, even though we are still hoping that the supreme court will right the wrong.

“Coming from the fact that the same INEC almost messed up the same election that brought the present governor of Imo state into power, Imo state at the moment already cannot afford any disjointed election.

“Every voter must have their voter’s card and all the electronic machines must work. Otherwise, we would have another terrible situation in our hands,” he said.

Tanko further added that the verdict of the Presidential election petition tribunal did not in any way dampened the spirit of the supporters of the labour party. He said instead, it exhumed the inner mind of the Nigerian youth.

Chioma Kalu

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