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US Military Destroys Houthi Air Defence Systems In Red Sea Area

Global shipping routes have been disrupted by Houthi actions, prompting US and British strikes on Yemeni targets.

The U.S. military has announced the destruction of air defense and drone systems belonging to Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthi forces in the Red Sea area. 

The action, carried out on Monday, resulted in no reported injuries or damage to commercial, U.S., or coalition ships.

According to a statement from the U.S. Central Command, forces successfully neutralized an air defense system equipped with two missiles set for launch, a ground control station situated in Houthi-controlled territories of Yemen, and an unmanned aerial system launched by the Houthis over the Red Sea.

The strikes come in response to reports from Houthi forces in Yemen claiming to have targeted British, U.S., and Israeli ships with rockets and drones, as part of an ongoing series of attacks on shipping lanes in solidarity with Palestinians amid the Gaza conflict.

Notably, the U.S. Central Command disclosed that on Sunday, a Houthi-controlled region of Yemen launched an anti-ship ballistic missile toward the Gulf of Aden, resulting in no casualties or damages to U.S., coalition, or commercial vessels.

These incidents mark a continuation of Houthi actions that have disrupted global shipping routes, particularly through the Suez Canal, prompting shipping companies to divert their vessels on longer and costlier routes around southern Africa. 

Responding to these provocations, both the United States and Britain have conducted strikes on Houthi targets within Yemen.

The Houthi militants, who hold sway over Yemen’s most densely populated regions, frame their actions as retaliation against Israel’s military operations in Gaza and a demonstration of solidarity with Palestinians.

The ongoing Israeli offensive in Gaza, which 

commenced after a reported attack by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas on October 7, has resulted in a staggering death toll, with over 33,000 fatalities recorded by the local health ministry and nearly the entire population of 2.3 million displaced. 

Israeli figures put the death toll at 1,200, attributing the offensive to Hamas’ actions.

Chioma Kalu

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