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UAE Enforces Strict Measures to Prevent Illegal Employment by Visitors

The UAE has mandated airlines to verify passenger details, including hotel reservations, return tickets, and substantial funds, or face hefty fines.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented stringent measures to prevent individuals from entering the Gulf nation as visitors and subsequently working without the necessary documents.

The oil-rich nation mandated airlines to verify specific details before allowing passengers to board, warning that carriers would be held accountable for non-compliance.

The new guidelines stipulated that passengers must possess either 3,000 dirhams ($833) for a one-month visa or 5,000 dirhams for a three-month visa.

Additionally, travellers are required to have a hotel reservation and a return ticket. Airlines that failed to adhere to these regulations would face fines of 5,000 dirhams ($1,300) per passenger in violation.

East African countries saw a significant number of their citizens travel to Dubai for employment, with many using visiting visas.

Dubai remained a popular destination for African job seekers due to its low incidence of labour disputes and attractive wages.

Upon arrival, airport officials inquired about the purpose of the visit, accommodation details, and financial means. Travelers unable to provide satisfactory responses were denied entry.

Dubai stated that visitors on tourist or visiting visas were prohibited from working, and it was illegal for travel and recruitment agencies to offer employment to these visa holders.

Those on employment visas had to complete all required procedures upon entry to legally work in the UAE.

Tourists had to provide evidence of their hotel bookings, return tickets, and sufficient funds for their stay. If visiting friends or relatives, officials could request copies of the host’s visa and passport, as well as their address, phone number, and accommodation details.

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