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Tinubu’s Chicago University ‘Classmate’ Speaks Up, Says He Was Teased For Nigerian Accent 

Ogunsanya said Tinubu was elected as the president of the accounting student club at CSU between 1978/1979.

A public affairs analyst, Durojaiye Ogunsanya says he was a classmate of President Bola Tinubu at the Chicago State University (CSU).

Ogunsanya in a chat on Monday, said he graduated alongside Tinubu at CSU from the department of accounting and business administration in 1979.

The President’s academic records have been a controversial topic over the past few months.

The authenticity of the university certificate presented by the president have been questioned by other political parties.

Tinubu’s academic records show that he graduated from CSU in 1979 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting, and management.

However, there are allegations that the Tinubu who attended CSU is different from the current president of Nigeria.

Ogunsanya, speaking the controversy over Tinubu’s academic records, also said people were only being mischievous and he has come to testify in his favor.

“We were in the same department, class, and college. We met in school at Chicago State University (CSU) and we were in the same department, college of accounting, business administration, with a major in accounting.

“We graduated together. He did attend the Chicago State University and he graduated in 1979 as I did. I’m here to testify that he did attend the university and he was a good student.

“People were being mischievous in the first place because he was a governor for eight years, he worked for Mobil for several years and you are contesting that he did not go to university. How is that possible?

“I can’t imagine how that is possible. Sometimes, the president might be embellished but that does not mean he did not attend university.”

Speaking further, Ogunsanya said Tinubu was elected as the president of the accounting student club at CSU between 1978/1979.

He added that colleagues often mocked Tinubu for his “deep” Nigerian accent in the US.

“We were members of the accounting club in the school. When the time for the election came, the president surprised me.

“There was a time he became the president of the club. Go and check it out. We were even laughing at him with his accent.

 “He had a Nigerian accent and because of that we were laughing at him.”

He also said Tinubu was a sociable and ambitious person during his days at the CSU.

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