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THISDAY Digital WhatsApp Edition Goes Live on MTN’s Zigi Chatbot

Over 73 million MTN subscribers can now stay updated on daily happenings around the world on THISDAY with free data, as the digital PDF edition of THISDAY goes live on

Over 73 million MTN subscribers can now stay updated on daily happenings around the world on THISDAY with free data, as the digital PDF edition of THISDAY goes live on MTN’s Zigi Chatbot.

MTN subscribers can simply click https://wa.me/2349033000001 and select to get started.

To connect to Zigi Chatbot, MTN subscribers would simply say ‘hi’ to Zigi, then go to ‘Zigi Daily Freebies’ to download the free digital THISDAY Newspapers.

The digital edition would be available daily from 6am Nigerian time.

The Chairman/Editor-in-Chief of THISDAY Newspapers and ARISE NEWS Channel, Prince Nduka Obaigbena, last month announced the partnership to offer the digital copies of the newspapers on MTN Zigi Chatbot.

According to Obaigbena, “The offer is one of a series of business collaborations between THISDAY and MTN Nigeria, in fulfillment of a promise made by THISDAY to MTN Nigeria, to commemorate MTN’s 20th anniversary celebration.”

MTN, which rolled out its telecoms services in Nigeria in August 2001, has maintained its original ownership structure and brand name, since 2001, a development that helped the MTN brand to focus more on network expansion across the country, while offering quality service to its over 73 million subscribers, with a market share of 39.3 per cent.

Since inception, MTN has maintained the position of the largest telecoms operator in Nigeria in terms of the volume of subscribers’ number on its network.

Launched last year, the MTN Zigi Chatbot, is MTN’s all-new digital personal assistant that can answer questions, and assist MTN subscribers with products, services, and activations.

Zigi chats in English Language and she is available to chat with both existing MTN customers and non-MTN customers as a guest.

The Zigi chatbot saves the time of customers waiting for customer care representative to respond to question.

The online assistant chatbot was designed to enhance customers’ digital interactions with the brand, and provide speedy and secure marketing, sales and technical support.

Customers would be able to interact with the chatbot on multiple channels including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, the official MTN website and myMTN App.

It would provide a wide range of services including account balance checks, airtime, data purchases and answers to frequently asked questions.

The chatbot would also have the ability to transfer customers to a live agent. The Zigi chatbot offers comprehensive support and services to all customers interested in interacting with MTN through ‘Zigi’.

Commenting about ‘Zigi,’ the Chief Customer Relations Officer, MTN Nigeria, Ugonwa Nwoye, said, “Zigi offers personalised, intuitive and prompt service to our customers. Her introduction will not take away the customer’s access to live agents but will serve as the first point of contact for customers who choose to interact with Zigi.’ We believe that ‘Zigi’ will ensure increased convenience which translates to better experiences for our customers, which is at the core of our purpose as a business.”

The Chief Digital Officer at MTN Nigeria, Srinivas Rao, said ‘Zigi’ would always aligns with MTN’s digital transformation objectives.

“We now live in a fast-paced digital age with new technological advancements driving the constantly changing landscape. This is why at MTN, we are determined to lead digital transformation, which will provide easy-to-use connectivity solutions, improve customer experience and maintain the highest quality of service for everyone in our ecosystem,” Rao said.

Emma Okonji

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