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Tanzania Floods Kill 58 People As Rainfall Persists

Tanzania is grappling with devastating floods, claiming 58 lives and affecting over 126,000 amid ongoing heavy rainfall in East Africa.

Floods wreak havoc in Tanzania, claiming the lives of 58 individuals over the past two weeks, as incessant rains persist across the nation.

Coastal areas are the most affected, with over 126,000 people impacted, according to government reports.

Efforts to aid affected communities are underway, with essential supplies, including food, being distributed according to Mobhare Matinyi, a government spokesperson.

Tanzania announces plans for the construction of 14 dams to mitigate future flooding as the region grapples with heavy rains, with neighboring Kenya also witnessing deadly floods, claiming at least 13 lives.

Infrastructure damage prompts calls for residents in flood-prone zones to relocate, as meteorologists anticipate peak rainfall by month’s end.

Melissa Enoch

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