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South African Parliament Rejects MK Party’s Election Challenge, Boycott Of First Sitting

South Africa’s Parliament has dismissed MK Party’s election challenge and boycott, citing constitutional obligations and cancelling associated logistical arrangements.

The South African Parliament has firmly rejected the MK Party’s challenge to the recent election results and their subsequent boycott of the first sitting of the National Assembly. In a press statement issued today, Parliament addressed the MK Party’s claims and outlined its stance on the constitutional and logistical implications of the boycott.

The MK Party, which secured 58 seats in the National Assembly, announced its intention to challenge the validity of the election results declared by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). The party argued that the scheduling of the first sitting was unconstitutional and declared that its elected members would not attend.

Parliament, however, disagreed with the MK Party’s interpretation of Section 46 of the Constitution. “Parliament is of the view that it is legally bound to facilitate the first sitting of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces at a date and time determined by the Chief Justice,” the statement read, emphasising that there are no legal impediments to this process.

Citing Section 49(3) of the Constitution, Parliament underscored its responsibility to ensure the sittings proceed as directed unless the election results are set aside by a court. To this end, Parliament has been making arrangements for travel and accommodation for all members listed by the IEC to attend the first sittings and onboarding activities in Cape Town.

In light of the MK Party’s boycott, Parliament has decided to cancel all travel and accommodation arrangements for the party’s elected members to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses, saying in the statement, “In light of the MK Party’s expressed decision, through their legal representatives, not to attend the first sitting, Parliament has cancelled all arrangements for accommodation and flights for the party’s elected members. This measure is to avoid incurring fruitless and wasteful expenditure, in compliance with the Financial Management of Parliament and Provincial Legislatures Act, 2009.”

The Parliament then said that despite the MK Party’s refusal to cooperate, it remains committed to fulfilling its constitutional duties and upholding democratic processes. “We remain dedicated to ensuring that the established democratic processes and procedures are upheld in accordance with the laws and Constitution of our country,” the statement concluded.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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