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MK Party To Boycott Ramaphosa’s Inauguration, Says ANC-DA Coalition Betrayal Of South Africa

MK Party has said the ANC sold its soul to the DA to secure the position of President for Ramaphosa.

The Umkhonto WeSizwe (MK) Party has announced that its members will boycott the inauguration of Cyril Ramaphosa, whom they denounce as a “puppet DA-sponsored President.”

In a press statement issued on Tuesday, the MK Party, South Africa’s official opposition, declared its staunch opposition to the ANC-DA coalition and its leadership.

The statement, signed by Nhlamulo Ndhlela, the Media and Communications representative for the MK Party, condemned the coalition, describing the inauguration as a “farcical” event that dishonours the sacrifices made for South Africa’s freedom.

“We refuse to join in the spitting on the graves of those who died for this freedom by attending the symbolic wedding ceremony of a house negro called Ramaphosa, with the slave master, Hellen Zille,” the statement read.

The party further criticised the ANC for making deals with the Freedom Front Plus to recognise Orania, as the statement further read, “How can we celebrate when the ANC has signed another deal with the Freedom Front Plus to recognise and protect the racist enclave called Orania? By doing so, the ANC surrendered a part of our country and continent to unrepentant racists to secure the position of Premier for Zamani Saul. Similarly, the ANC has sold its soul to the DA to secure the position of President for Ramaphosa. Clearly, positions matter more to the ANC than the well-being of our people.”

Previously, the MK Party boycotted the first sitting of the National Assembly, condemning what they termed an “unholy, racist DA-ANC coalition” for voting in concert and betraying the struggle for total freedom and land repossession. The party alleged that Ramaphosa’s presidency is the result of a “sellout deal signed by Fikile Mbalula and Helen Zille last week,” alongside accusations of a “rigged and illegal election” marred by vote manipulation.

The MK Party then appealed to South Africans to distance themselves from the inauguration, saying, “We call on all those who cherish true freedom, real democracy, and our current constitution to distance themselves, physically or emotionally, from being forced to celebrate their continued oppression under the guise of the DA-ANC coalition.”

Vowing to use all legal means to oppose the new regime, the MK Party called for unity among progressive forces to combat what they see as the reintroduction of apartheid and colonialism. “The time is now for all progressive forces to unite against the reintroduction of apartheid and colonialism,” the MK Party said.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi 

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