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Russia Targets Odesa With Air Strikes, Damaging Port And Leaving Two Dead

Russia’s air strikes on Ukraine have killed two people in Odesa and damaged port infrastructure.

On Wednesday, Russia launched a series of attacks on Ukraine, deploying 20 drones and five missiles, which resulted in the deaths of two individuals in the Black Sea region of Odesa. The assaults also caused significant damage to port infrastructure and an energy facility in the northwest, according to Ukrainian officials.

In the southern Odesa region, a missile attack killed a truck driver and a security guard. The attack also inflicted damage on port warehouses, trucks, and a civilian ship, regional governor Oleh Kiper reported. A sailor was wounded in the assault.

Odesa is a crucial hub for Ukraine’s Black Sea exports, which have been revived without Russia’s agreement following Moscow’s withdrawal from a UN-brokered deal that had permitted Kyiv to export food during the ongoing war. The region’s port facilities have frequently been targeted by Russian long-range strikes since the full-scale invasion began in February 2022. Despite these attacks, Russia has consistently denied targeting civilians or civilian infrastructure.

In a separate incident, attack drones damaged an energy facility in the northwestern region of Rivne, as confirmed by the national grid operator. A subsequent fire was contained, and no casualties were reported, said governor Oleksandr Koval. The attack led to temporary power cuts in the region, but no changes to scheduled power cuts were necessary, according to the Ukrenergo grid operator.

Ukraine has been forced to implement regular power cuts due to a supply shortage caused by significant damage to power facilities from Russian air strikes since March. However, the Ukrainian air force managed to down 14 of the 20 drones over eight regions during the attack and intercepted three of four Russian Kh-59/Kh-69 missiles, preventing them from reaching their targets.

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