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Rivers APC: Continuous Disobedience To Tinubu’s Proclamation Dangerous To Peace

“We need to educate Abuja people about what is going on in Rivers State which has been locked in unnecessary imbroglio…”

The Chairman of the Caretaker Committee of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State Chief Tony Okocha on Thursday warned that there would be more troubles ahead if Governor Siminalayi Fubara continues to disobey the eight-point agreement he signed before President Bola Tinubu.

While accusing the Governor of undermining the President and his conduct before about the agreement, it was obvious that Rivers State is sitting on a keg of gunpowder.

Okocha told journalists in Abuja that  Fubara is clueless and rudderless and must close his ears to fifth columnists and mediocres beat a retreat for peece to reign.

He said, “We need to educate Abuja people about what is going on in Rivers State which has been locked in unnecessary imbroglio orchestrated by Fubara. The crisis is unnecessary because he masterminded the burning of the Rivers State House of Assembly. He didn’t know that building is different from the legislature.

“Few days after he burnt the Assembly, he got an ex parte order mandating him to pull down the Assembly so they don’t have place to sit. He passed the budget with four members of the State Assembly with the speed of light.

“He has compounded the problem in Rivers State. People are crying, the government is clueless and rudderless. We must not keep quiet because if we do, the State will suffer it. The President told him that he has the carrot and stick to wield but informed him he decided to use the carrot approach. Nobody was under any duress during the meeting. 

“Rivers State is drifting to an emergency State. The President has power to declare emergency. He told the Governor to allow the State House of Assembly to run well. Proclamations are made to save emergency. He made eight-point proclamations. 

“Using four members out of 31 to present budget is not the best. I can’t wait to see a Governor disobeying the President. It goes to confirm our fear that he has something to hide. He has refused to present the budget and running the state without budget.

“He is using our money to fund protesters. Our worry is that at the level of the Presidency, he is undermining the President. Rivers State is sitting on a keg of gunpowder and at any spark, there will be serious crisis.”

Okocha said that between June 22 to last month, Rivers hass received over N200 billion from FAAC, aside the monthly Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) which stand at over N10 billion.

Way forward

“I have told him that the way he is going is not the path of peace. He should close his ears to fifth columnists and mediocres and beat a retreat. The President decided to dangle the carrot. The stick may be the last option. I won’t advise the President to wield the big stick to declare state of emergency because I’m a stakeholder. 

“The Governor of Rivers State doesn’t mean well for the people. If somebody elected by the people is causing mayhem, then there’s serious crisis. It is going to be unthinkable for me to sit down and see Governor Simi disobey President Tinubu”, Okocha emphasized.

Friday Olokor, Abuja 

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