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Residents Flee As Israeli Tanks Advance Amid Escalating Gaza City Offensive

Residents of Gaza City fled from Israeli fire as tanks thrust deeper into the heart of the city.

Residents of Gaza City fled as Israeli tanks moved deeper into the city on Tuesday, marking the second day of an intensified military offensive.

 This comes amid efforts by Qatari, Egyptian, and U.S. mediators to accelerate ceasefire talks aimed at ending the Gaza conflict and securing the release of hostages held by Israel in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

Um Tamer, a mother of seven, described the situation, saying, “Gaza City is being wiped out. This is what is happening. Israel is forcing us to leave homes under fire.”

“We can’t take it anymore, enough of death and humiliation. End the war now,” she added.

The Palestinian Red Crescent reported that all its medical clinics in Gaza City were closed due to evacuation orders.

Meanwhile, senior U.S. officials were in the region pushing for a ceasefire, following Hamas’s recent concessions.

However, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh warned that the renewed Israeli campaign could derail the negotiation process.

Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad’s armed factions claimed they fought Israeli forces in Tel Al-Hawa using anti-tank rockets and mortars, causing casualties.

 The Israeli military stated its operations in Gaza City were based on intelligence indicating the presence of Hamas and Islamic Jihad members, claiming to have neutralised many fighters and discovered numerous weapons.

Nancy Mbamalu 

Source: Reuters

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