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Peter Obi: We’re Considering A Merger Of Like-Minded People To Save Nigeria

Peter Obi has expressed a desire for merger with those committed to saving Nigeria amidst reports “exaggerating” Labour Party’s division.

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the 2023 Presidential Elections, Peter Obi, said he is hoping that the Labour Party will carry out a political merger with other “like-minded people” who are willing to take Nigeria out of its current difficulties.

Obi said this in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday night, where he also confirmed that the descriptions of the conflict within the Labour Party are exaggerated, and that the party is amicably resolving its issues in private.

When he was questioned about possible mergers or political deals between the Labour Party and other parties, Obi said, “There’s no deal, but I wish and hope there will be. We need to look for like minds who are now committed to saving this country.”

He went on to say that the party is “trying to put ourselves together and explore all those opportunities,” and though the party has not started this process officially, they are considering it.

Obi then said that at the moment, there is nothing to report as regards possible mergers, but went on to say, “I want the like minds and those who can see that we are in difficulty to come together and save this country for the future of our children.”

Obi then addressed what he called the exaggerated reports of division within the Labour Party as he said, “There’s no toxic division within the Labour Party, that I can tell you. And I’m intervening. When fathers intervene in their family, it is not a public affair. I’m a leader in Labour Party, and we are talking, and I assure you that whatever is the problem or crisis in the Labour Party is not up to 10% of what is happening in other parties, and we will resolve it and do so amicably.”

He was then asked whether he would be tempted to leave the party as it may be hard to manage the conflicts reported over time, to which he responded, “We don’t have that type of conflict that you are mentioning, people are just exaggerating what is there. I am a faithful member of Labour Party, I remain there, I am a member of Labour Party. If for any reason, like I said, if we’re going to move forward and there’s other groups that want to work with us, we’ll work with them.”

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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