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North Korea To Expel US Soldier Travis King Who Crossed Border From South Korea

Pyongyang will deport him after completing investigation into King’s unlawful entry.

North Korea intends to expel Travis King, US soldier, who unlawfully crossed its border from South Korea while on a tour in July.

North Korea’s KCNA television network reported, “The relevant agency of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea decided to deport Travis King, an American soldier who illegally entered the territory of the Republic, in accordance with the laws of the Republic.”

After completing its investigation into King’s unlawful entry, the country will expel him.

The timing of King’s potential deportation from North Korea and the destination to which he might be sent remained uncertain.

As reported by KCNA, he admitted to unlawfully entering North Korea, citing reasons such as “inhuman treatment in the US military, antipathy to racism and disillusionment with the unequal US society.”

King had spent two months in South Korean detention due to assault charges, ultimately regaining his freedom on July 10th. While on a guided tour of the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ), which acts as a buffer between North and South Korea, he unexpectedly departed from the tour group and crossed the border.

Frances Ibiefo

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