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Nigeria Decides: European Union Election Observation Mission Condemns Violence Leading up to Election Day

They urged Nigerian authorities to hold those responsible to account.

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) has condemned the recent acts of severe and coordinated incidents of violence, in particular the recent assassination associated with politics in Nigeria. 

In a press statement on Friday, EU EOM Chief Observer Barry Andrews urged Nigerian authorities to hold those responsible to account. and called on all electoral stakeholders to engage in a manner that reflects the spirit of the Peace Accord signed on 22 February – on election day and in the days that follow as votes are counted and tabulated, and results are announced. 

Andrews said: “Furthermore, we urge security agencies to fulfill their responsibilities and ensure an enabling environment for peaceful elections.”

He said the EU EOM has been following the preparations for the 25 February general elections, including the just concluded campaign activities and the conduct of political parties and candidates as well as other stakeholders. 

He advised that: “Any concerns about the conduct of the elections or its outcome should be channeled through designated election tribunals and courts as provided for in the laws of Nigeria.

“The EU EOM will continue to observe the electoral process, including the transparency of the election administration, the impartiality of security agencies, and the independence of the judiciary.”

The EU Election Observation Mission has been deployed by the European Union upon an invitation from the Independent National Electoral Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Michael Olugbode in Abuja