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Nicholas Felix: Tinubu Has The Capacity And Boldness For The Job

Felix said that he wants Nigerians to be surprised, as he is without any doubt that Tinubu will perform when he is sworn in as President.

Mr Nicholas Felix, Deputy National Youth Coordinator of APC Presidential Campaign Council, has said that he believes that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is capable for the job ahead of him as the President of Nigeria.

Speaking with ARISE News in an interview on Tuesday, Felix confirmed that the President-Elect had started to select members of his team. 

When he was asked what he expected of this cabinet that was being compiled, he said “With what I have known Asiwaju to be, he is a man that knows how to pick talents, he is a man that believes in diversity.” 

He referred to Chatham house, saying that when Asiwaju delegated the questions which he was asked to his team to answer,  it showed that he trusts his team and he is able to give responsibilities to people. 

He said that he believes that Tinubu’s cabinet will be filled with many talented men and women, along with the youths of this country, regardless of their religion.

 Speaking on the claims that Femi Gbajabiamila, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, was to be Tinubu’s Chief of Staff, he said, “Femi Gbajabiamila is a great guy for this position, depending on his experience.”

He then said that Tinubu was a good fit to help with Nigeria’s current economic issues when he said, “I believe as soon as Asiwaju is sworn in as president, things will begin to change, the bleeding will stop. When Asiwaju took over Lagos as governor, even after the then president refused, withheld the federal allocation, look at what he was able to do.

“He was able to maneuver, get Lagos running, even without receiving money from the federal government. 

“Yes, the economy right now is tough, things are very tough in Nigeria. That’s why I am glad that Nigerians picked a man that is very experienced, a man that understands what it means to run an economy.”

The Deputy Youth Coordinator then expanded that the President-Elect had big plans for the Nigerian Youths. He said that during his acceptance speech, majority of what Tinubu focused on was the youths.

 “This was not just a political statement talking about empowering the youths, this is something that Asiwaju, President Elect, really wants to do by getting youths involved,” he said. 

He encouraged youths to be strategic and prepare to get into government office, so that there will be a great number of youths in the next general election.

When questioned about the concerns the Nigerian citizens had over the issues that occurred during the general elections, Felix said, “He [Tinubu] is somebody that believes in democracy, so, every bill that they [The cabinet and House of Reps] are going to pass to ensure that whatever flaws we experienced in these elections are corrected, 

“I’m very sure that Asiwaju is going to ensure that all bills are passed.”

Felix, who was once one of the aspirants for the APC Presidential ticket, eventually became the Deputy National Youth Coordinator of APC Presidential Campaign Council, professing his support for Bola Tinubu.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi 

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