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Ndume: My Conscience Is Clear In My Support For Akpabio To Be Senate President 

He said it is unfortunate that the leadership tussle has now become a money affair and not based on qualifications.

Responding to the statement where he said he could be the next senate president with his experience in the Nigerian parliament, but unfortunately, he has no money to share.

“It is unfortunate as everybody has now known that the senate presidency or the leadership tussle is more of a money something than capacity, capability and other qualifications that are supposed to matter most”. He said

He also said his consent to campaign for Akpabio is not based on the money but because he (Akpabio) possesses the right experience needed for the position and also for the sake of stability in the country.

“I’m the one leading the campaign for Akpabio. It is based on the need to have stability, equity, justice and fairness in the country considering the heightened concerns on some issues especially the zoning, the religion and whatever.

“When the president spoke to me about considering stepping down, coupled with the fact you say that I don’t have the money to go into this current battle that money is played more than qualifications and whatever, I obliged and agreed to campaign for Akpabio for many reasons.

“The stability group which I lead is not about money but about stability in the country by ensuring there is justice, fairness and equity in terms of who now leads and becomes the number 3 citizen, bearing in mind that the number one and two are all Muslims and also bearing in mind also that the south-south where Akpabio comes from has never since 1999 had a shot of the senate presidency or speakership. 

“Having Akpabio, with the experience that he has being one time the minority leader in the senate, and one time minister, governor, commissioner. With that kind of experience and the fact that I think that he is the most ranking from south-south from the senators we have especially of the APC fraction, I had no problem with my conscience, throwing my weight behind him”. He said

On Monday, the south-south women compatriots held a press conference stating that Akpabio is not qualified to be senate president. They also threatened to protest naked on the streets of Abuja, if the president-elect does not renounce his endorsement of Senator Akpabio for the position of Senate-president.

Also reacting to this, Ndume said poverty is the cause of some of these developments in Nigeria. He said anyone can arrange for such protests as long he can afford the price of the protesters.

The Senator also emphatically condemned the $800 miliion loan request made by President Buhari.

Chioma Kalu