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Mali’s Ruling Junta Imposes Ban On Reporting Political Activities by Media Outlets

After suspending political activities indefinitely, Mali’s Junta now forbids media coverage of political parties and associations, tightening its grip further.

In an escalation of control measures, Mali’s ruling junta implemented a ban on media coverage of political parties and associations. This decision follows the suspension of all political activities in the country until further notice, enacted the previous day.

The directive, issued by Mali’s high authority for communication, was disseminated via social media platforms. According to the notice, the ban extends to all media formats, encompassing television, radio, online platforms, and print newspapers.

Mali has undergone two coups since 2020, contributing to a surge of political instability across West and Central Africa in recent years. Concurrently, the nation grapples with a deteriorating insurgency perpetrated by militants affiliated with al-Qaida and the Islamic State group.

The extent and implementation of the ban remain ambiguous. Questions linger regarding whether journalists will retain the freedom to cover topics such as the economy, which is intricately linked to political affairs, and who will oversee their journalistic endeavors.

Melissa Enoch

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