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Malian Groups Appeal Against Junta’s Ban On Political Activities, Call For Supreme Court Intervention

An appeal has been made by Malian political parties and civil society organisations to annul Junta’s ban on political activities

A coalition of Malian political parties and civil society organisations called for the Malian Supreme Court to invalidate the ruling junta’s suspension of political activities, according to an appeal made on Monday.

Following a coup in 2020, Mali has been governed by the military, with mounting tensions arising from the authorities’ inability to conduct promised elections and their subsequent issuance of a decree restricting political participation in the name of public order.

The groups opposing the April 10 order jointly petitioned Mali’s highest court, seeking the nullification of the decree they deemed tyrannical and oppressive, as stated in their collective statement. The timeline for the court’s review of the appeal remains uncertain.

Mali’s current junta took power in a second coup in 2021 and pledged to reinstate civilian rule by March 2024 following elections held in February this year. However, in September last year, the authorities indefinitely postponed the February elections for technical reasons, heightening concerns about democratic regression in West and Central Africa, where eight coups have occurred over the past four years.

In a statement on Friday, Drissa Traore, Secretary-General of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), condemned the restriction of civic space and the power grab by Malian authorities.

He said, “We are witnessing the restriction of civic space and an attempt to seize power. The Malian authorities are once again confirming their desire to stifle any dissenting voice and to lead Mali into an unprecedented dictatorial regime”.

Melissa Enoch

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