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Landslide In DR Congo Claims At Least 17 Lives

Officials warn that the casualty count could rise as search and rescue teams sift through the wreckage and collapsed residences.

Intense rainfall in the northwestern region of Democratic Republic Congo led to a landslide resulting in the tragic loss of life, with a minimum of 17 individuals losing their lives.

Authorities caution that the number of casualties may increase as rescue teams search through the debris and collapsed homes.

Matthieu Mole, president of the civil society group Forces Vives, stated, “A torrential downpour caused a lot of damage, including a landslide that swallowed up several houses.

“The toll is still provisional as bodies are still under the rubble.”

He said that the catastrophe occurred on a Sunday near the Congo River, specifically in the town of Lisal situated in the Mongala province. The individuals affected by this tragedy resided in houses constructed at the base of a mountain.

Associated Press reported that Governor Cesar Limbaya Mbangisa emphasized an urgent requirement for equipment to aid in debris removal and the rescue of potential survivors. He expressed his sympathies to the families of the victims and declared a three-day mourning period across the entire province.

Frances Ibiefo

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