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Deadly Landslide Hits Southwest Congo, Dozens Missing

A landslide in Congo has killed at least 15 people and up to 60 others are missing.

A devastating landslide triggered by heavy rainfall struck southwest Congo, claiming the lives of at least 15 individuals and leaving approximately 60 others missing, according to local authorities on Sunday.

The landslide occurred on Saturday near the port close to the town of Idiofa, with seven survivors located amidst the debris.

Dhedhe Mupasa, a local deputy elected official, explained to reporters that the collapse was caused by the rain on a hill overlooking the port.

“There’s a hill above the port, and the rain caused the earth on the hill to collapse,” Mupasa, told reporters on Sunday.

Interim provincial Governor Félicien Kiway confirmed that search efforts were underway to locate survivors, with seven individuals rescued alive and receiving medical treatment. However, he also indicated that approximately 60 individuals remained missing.

Describing the challenges in assessing the situation, a local official highlighted the area as a bustling marketplace every Saturday. This location, characterized as a port where fishermen trade their catch and purchase goods, added complexity to the rescue operation.

Melissa Enoch

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