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Israeli Military Intelligence Head Resigns After Taking Blame for Failures Leading To Hamas Attack

Israeli Military announced Intelligence Head Haliva’s resignation, who blamed himself for failure leading to Hamas-led attack on Israel on October 7.

Soldiers of Israel’s 33rd Caracal Battalion take part in a graduation march in the northern part of the southern Israeli Negev desert on March 13. The Caracal was formed in 2004 with the chief purpose of giving women a chance to serve in a true combat role.

The head of Israeli military intelligence, Major General Aharon Haliva has resigned, taking responsibility for the failures leading to the devastating Hamas-led attack on Israel on October 7, the military announced on Monday.

Haliva, a 38-year military veteran, was among several senior Israeli commanders admitting their failure to anticipate and prevent the deadliest attack in Israel’s history.

“I have carried that black day with me ever since,” he stated in his resignation letter released by the military, acknowledging the shortcomings of the intelligence division under his command.

Haliva will continue in his role until a successor is appointed. Israeli media and analysts anticipate additional resignations following the conclusion of the main military campaign in Gaza.

The October 7 attack severely tarnished the reputation of the Israeli military and intelligence services, previously considered formidable by armed Palestinian groups like Hamas.

During the early morning hours, after a heavy rocket barrage, thousands of Hamas fighters breached security barriers around Gaza, catching Israeli forces off guard and causing chaos in southern Israeli communities.

The attack resulted in the deaths of approximately 1,200 Israelis and foreigners, predominantly civilians, with around 250 individuals taken captive in Gaza. According to Israeli estimates, 133 hostages remain detained.

While the head of the armed forces, Lieutenant-General Herzi Halevi, and the head of domestic intelligence agency Shin Bet, Ronen Bar, both accepted responsibility for the attack’s aftermath, they have retained their positions throughout the Gaza conflict.

In contrast, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not yet assumed responsibility for the October 7 attack, despite surveys indicating that most Israelis hold him accountable for inadequate prevention and defence measures.

Chioma Kalu

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