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Israeli Ambassador To UK Rejects Two-State Solution, Dismisses Ceasefire in Gaza

Hotovely’s rejection of a ceasefire in Gaza adds another layer to the diplomatic tensions.

The two-state solution is an internationally supported proposal that envisions an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, with East Jerusalem as its capital, coexisting alongside Israel. The territories in question were occupied by Israel during the 1967 Middle East war, and the establishment of settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem has been a contentious issue, deemed illegal under international law.

Hotovely’s rejection of a ceasefire in Gaza adds another layer to the diplomatic tensions. She asserted, “It just basically means we would like to welcome another attack of October 7th.” The conflict in Gaza escalated after Hamas’s assault on southern Israel on October 7th, leading to increased violence in the occupied West Bank.

In response to Hotovely’s comments, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron announced a ban on “extremist settlers” responsible for violence in the Israeli-occupied West Bank from entering the UK. Cameron accused these settlers of undermining security for both Israelis and Palestinians by targeting and killing Palestinian civilians. The move follows a similar ban announced by the United States earlier this month.

The rejection of a two-state solution by Israel’s ambassador has drawn criticism from the UK government, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stating, “We don’t agree with that.” The UK, along with the United States and other allies of Israel, has consistently supported the two-state solution as the preferred outcome for lasting peace in the region.

The diplomatic fallout comes amid renewed discussions about the establishment of an independent Palestine, which has been endorsed by the international community but faces resistance from the Israeli government. Hotovely’s comments underscore the existing divide on this issue, with blame placed on the Palestinians for not wanting a state next to Israel but rather in place of Israel.

While representing the Israeli government in the UK, Hotovely’s opposition to a Palestinian state has been a long-standing political position. Her prior role as the minister for settlements in a right-wing Israeli government aligns with the current government’s stance against the removal of settlements, a key component of the two-state solution. The rejection of this proposal by Israel’s ambassador indicates a challenging path to finding common ground in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Kiki Garba

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