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Israel Reportedly Launches Strike As Iran Shoots Down Drones Flying Over Isfahan

The Iranian state has denied reports saying that Israel struck Iran, says explosions were caused by air defence systems activation

In a dramatic escalation of tensions, Israel launched a military strike on Iranian soil on Friday, intensifying the ongoing conflict between the two long-standing adversaries. The attack, which marks the latest episode in their enduring shadow war, has raised concerns about the possibility of a broader regional conflict.

Initial reports from Iranian media indicated explosions in the targeted area. However, an Iranian official contradicted these reports, attributing the explosions to the activation of air defence systems. State media confirmed that three drones flying over the central city of Isfahan were intercepted and shot down.

Amid the unfolding situation, Israel’s leadership and military remained conspicuously silent early on Friday, refraining from immediate public statements regarding the attack.

Sources revealed that the United States had been notified prior to Israel’s military action. This development follows Iran’s recent unprecedented strike on Israel with a barrage of drones and missiles, most of which were intercepted before causing significant damage.

Against a backdrop of escalating violence, global powers, including Washington, had urged Israel to exercise restraint and to limit any retaliatory measures to avoid further escalation. The recent surge in hostilities was triggered by an airstrike on the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus on April 1, which was attributed to Israel.

Iranian state TV reported that air defence systems engaged and destroyed three drones over Isfahan shortly after midnight. Senior army commander Siavosh Mihandoust described the incident as targeting a “suspicious object.”

Before Friday’s strike, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi had issued a stern warning, vowing a “severe response” to any attack on Iranian territory. Iran also appealed to the United Nations Security Council, demanding action to halt what it termed as Israel’s “military adventurism.”

The heightened tensions had ripple effects in global markets, with shares and bond yields in Asia plummeting, while safe-haven assets like gold and crude oil surged. Concerns over potential disruptions to Middle East oil supplies drove Brent futures up by as much as 4.2%.

Despite the military action, Iran asserted that its nuclear facilities remained unharmed. The Natanz nuclear site, a focal point of Iran’s uranium enrichment program, is located in Isfahan province.

In response to the attack, Iran temporarily closed several airports, including those in Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan. Flights in the western portion of Iranian airspace were also suspended for a brief period. However, operations resumed after a few hours.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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