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Floods, Landslides Kill 24 In Abidjan

Ivory Coast’s largest city, Abidjan, has seen severe rainfall exceeding 200 millimetres, exacerbating flood-related fatalities this season.

At least 24 individuals have lost their lives in Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s largest city, due to flooding and landslides following a week of heavy rains, as stated by authorities on Tuesday.

 The rainfall, exceeding 200 millimetres in some areas, which is four times the usual amount, has been particularly severe this season, according to the Ivorian meteorological agency.

 During the rainy season, flood-related fatalities are not uncommon in Ivory Coast, exacerbated by informal settlements lacking adequate storm drainage and often constructed without adherence to zoning regulations.

The Ivory Coast National Office for Civil Protection reported that the flooding and landslides have caused significant damage throughout the city, submerging homes and roads.

Following the rains, 271 people who were trapped have been successfully rescued. Last year, authorities took action by demolishing houses along a lagoon in Abidjan to prevent similar deadly floods from occurring again.

Nancy Mbamalu 

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