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Edo Governor Obaseki Locks Deputy Out of Government House in Escalating Rift

Shaibu and his aides waited for approximately an hour before reluctantly departing.

The feud between Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, and his deputy, Philip Shaibu, took a dramatic turn on Monday as Governor Obaseki locked his estranged deputy out of the Government House.

Philip Shaibu arrived at his office on Monday morning only to discover that the gate leading to the deputy governor’s office and the main entrance to the government building were securely locked with chains and heavy padlocks.

Reports indicate that Shaibu and his aides waited for approximately an hour before reluctantly departing. During this time, the deputy governor made several unsuccessful attempts to contact Governor Obaseki for clarification on the situation.

An aide to Deputy Governor Shaibu, who chose to remain anonymous, shared images of the locked gates with the public. The aide revealed that Shaibu had reached out to the Commissioner of Police and the Director of the State Services, informing them of his unexpected lockout from his office. There was no official communication received regarding the closure of the deputy governor’s office.

Subsequently, Shaibu reportedly summoned the Camp Commandant at the Government House, SP Ibrahim Babatunde, to inquire about the reason behind the lockdown. In response, Babatunde cited instructions from higher authorities and suggested that the Chief Security Officer (CSO) at the government house, Wabba, would be the appropriate person to provide further information.

Shaibu attempted to contact Wabba Williams, the government house CSO, who allegedly promised to visit the scene but failed to do so during the entire duration that Shaibu was kept waiting.
Kiki Garba