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There’s No Governance In Nigeria, We’re On Auto Pilot, Says Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu has urged Nigerian citizens to be more active in politics.

Civil rights activist Aisha Yesufu in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Wednesday has stated that there is no governance in Nigeria, explaining that the country is currently on auto pilot.

Yesufu said that in the 2023 elections, the All Progressive Congress did not win but rigged their way into office, highlighting that as an active supporter of Peter Obi, she was not defeated.

“APC was not elected, they rigged their way into office. To me there was no defeat, the Nigerian people won, we know that Labour Party won it. It’s something of a beauty to see Nigerian unmask politicking in Nigeria. It’s not rocket science. There was so much that was achieved for me in 2023 election.”

She spoke on the implications of being an influencer saying that “people are able to hear you and believe what you’re saying it’s instrumental un shaping narratives, it’s also limiting because you gey a voice for the people and lose a voice for yourself. For me the worst part of it is I’ve lost my anonymity.”

Yesufu explained being truthful, having standards and having no affiliations with anyone by being contended keeps her in high spirit.

“One thing i know Integrity is expensive, having character is very expensive in Nigeria. I always ensure that i hold my self in higher standards than other people. My words are my bone, if I say something I must do it. Most importantly it is being contended and having the support of my family.”

Further speaking on the current state on the country’s political and governance, she labelled that the political space is “bright” but the governance is “bleak” due to corruption and continuous rigging.

“Nation building is slow and you must continuously look at the little wins and take them. Before young people were not interested in politics and people didn’t understand the relationship between governance and their life.”

Yesufu has urged Nigerian citizens to be more active and involved in political matters in order to build the country.

“When people say, they don’t want to do politics it has not helped the country in anyway. We need people in politics, people with capacity, character and competence. Politics should not be people’s primary jobs. Even if you’re not running for office you could be a party member.”

She highlighted that one of the major problems of Nigeria’s politics and reason for bad governance is the cost of election, turning politics into business.

“Today election in Nigeria is very expensive and not a lot of people have that money and you don’t expect people to use their personal money, even if they have that money and do it, once they get in there it’s no longer politics, it has becomes business because they’re trying go recoup their money back and the one for the next election. We Nigerian must put our money where our votes are.”

Yesufu stated that she has no affiliations with any party, not yet. “I was never a candidate of labour party, i was a supporter of Mr Peter Obi. I’ve not yet been a member of a party and anytime that I am it will be made public.

“For me it’s more about candidates rather than the party because we need people that will go in there and work.”

She emphasised the importance of activism saying that “Advocacy, Activism and politics are the same thing, they are supposed to be for the greater good, the only difference is the approach.

“Democracy is not just about election, it’s about ensuring that the life of the people are better. We as citizens of Nigeria need to find way to mitigate the rigging and violence. It doesn’t matter who we the citizens vote for.”

Yesufu spoke that “there is no government that’s why I’m not going on she is not going to the street. Social media is one of the way to campaign. I cannot make demands on someone who rigged his way into office.”

Nancy Mbamalu

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