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Betta Edu: Tinubu’s Government Will Give Women A Seat On The Table

She advised women to put away the sympathy and emotional cards while playing politics and fight squarely with the men.

The APC National Women Leader, Betta Edu, in an interview on ARISE NEWS, has called for more women inclusion in Politics in Nigeria.

Edu stated that the result of the elections is the lowest and a very poor figure of women representation at the national assembly.

“Women have done a whole lot in Nigeria and in the political space and have worked so hard during the election process and at the grassroot, the effect was felt. But unfortunately, this is the saddest we have ever had. This is the lowest we’ve ever been where we had just three women at the senate and about ten at the house of rep. it is really a very poor and low figure of women representation at the national assembly.

“However, we still have hope in his excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu. He has made very strong promises to the women and even as part of his acceptance speech, he was very clear to say that women will have 35% and more in every little cadre of his government, from the federal executive council to heads of parastatals. In every way, women will be empowered. I think we’ve not lost it all. We can just put ourselves back together, hanging on the hope that is ahead of us. The renewed hope we have in Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to give women a seat on the table”.

“What we should learn from this is to prepare for the unexpected and when women are running, they should not put out the sympathy card, they should not put out their emotional cards. They should go to the filed and battle it out like the men do, that way, you can be able to clinch the seat finally, even though you have been given the candidacy, you can be able to get the final mandate”.

Reacting to the action of Binani in the Adamawa supplementary election, Edu said her (Binani) actions should be excused as she was under a lot of pressure.

“It is so unfortunate that you could feel the heat, attack on her person as a woman, you could feel people go out violently against her and that was so unnecessary. She was put under a lot of pressure and put under a whole lot. So, for a woman who is in that kind of situation, of course you may not expect so much from her”.

She also called for the end of women discrimination when they come to politics. She stated that Nigerians should move beyond this level of reasoning even as the world is evolving.

Chioma Kalu