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Anas Sara-Igbe: Rivers State Has Been Caged, We Were Under A Dictatorship

“Rivers people created the monster that is Wike,” said Chatam Thierry Nwala.

National Coordinator of the South-South Leadership Forum, His Highness, Anabs Sara-Igbe and Chetam Thierry Nwala, who is a lawyer, activist and Pan Africanist, came out to speak on the recent crisis that has engulfed Rivers State and the alleged dispute between former governor of the state, Nyesom Wike and his predecessor, Siminialayi Fubara.

Governor Fubara Siminialayi of Rivers State has come out to speak against attempts to impeach him from office stating that he will retain his positions until the reason for the attempt is brought forth. 

In an ARISE NEWS interview on Tuesday, Mr. Anabs Sara-Igbe stated that the former governor is very much the one who instigated the impeachment attempt on the government because Fubara had broken away from his control. He stated that Wike would need to stop dictating the actions of the current governor as it has “caged the state”. He expressed hope that this would let Fubara establish his legacy as a Governor.

Also in the interview was Chetam Thierry Nwala, who had accused Wike of oppressing the people of the state and all who opposed him in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to get his way hold on to power. 

“Former Governor Wike is a creation of Rivers People. They hailed him into becoming a dictator. And he ruled as a dictator for 8-years.

“Rivers people created the monster that is Wike. they egged him on when he continued with his high-handedness.”

“At this point, people are tired of Wike. If they see another dictator that isn’t Wike, they’ll take him.”

His Highness, Anabs Sara -Igbe stated that the former governor’s influence and hold on power in the state despite being appointed Minister of the FCT, was shown in the evidence on how the state was run saying that the majority of the decisions taken were made by Wike. He stated that even if he was the political godfather to the current governor, he would still need to let him go down his own path.

“In a constitutional government, the constitution guides the operation of the government. Whatever arrangements you have outside the constitution is null and void.”

He stated he himself had gone up to the former governor to let Fubara lead as he had placed many restrictions on the government hindering from ruling in the interest of the people.

Glamour Adah

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