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8 People Dead As Pakistan Reportedly Conducts Two Air Strikes In Afghanistan

The Taliban has accused Pakistan of carrying out fatal airstrikes, condemning them as a violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty.

The ruling Taliban in Afghanistan issued a statement on Monday accusing Pakistan of conducting two air strikes within Afghan territory, resulting in the deaths of eight women and children.

The Taliban spokesperson vehemently condemned the air strikes, labelling them as a violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty.

The lack of immediate response from the Pakistan army and foreign office has left questions unanswered regarding the circumstances surrounding the alleged air strikes.

The Taliban’s denouncement underscores the delicate relations between the neighbouring countries, amidst ongoing efforts to establish stability in the region.

As tensions simmer, concerns mount over the potential consequences of such actions on the fragile peace process and regional dynamics.

The incident highlights the complexities and challenges faced by Afghanistan and its neighbours in navigating the path towards peace and security.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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