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An emerging 24-hour news and entertainment channel brought to you by a diverse team of over 500 world-class journalists, and broadcasters, behind-the-scenes and in front of camera: a team dedicated to offering perspectives seldom given airtime.

With broadcast hubs in London, New York, Johannesburg and Lagos, ARISE NEWS reports cold, hard facts, providing a range of opinions and insightful analysis - all day, every day and trusting our viewers to make up their own minds.

The agenda is bold, but it’s simple - unclouded by partisan political interest. ARISE NEWS has a mission to cover issues and world events that matter - and to truly represent the experiences of under-served communities. We seek to champion the voices of emerging and frontier markets. We seek to promote and celebrate all that is African and Afropolitan across all continents, engaging citizens of the world in the biggest stories of the day.

ARISE NEWS delivers real time international news and entertainment to global audiences, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, on cable, satellite, mobile and hand held devices and on the internet.

The independence of ARISE NEWS is guaranteed. There’s no State funding, no State agenda, whether in Africa, the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Asia, the United States or the Americas.

ARISE NEWS follows the news wherever and whenever it happens, without fear, favour or bias.

ARISE NEWS is about people, about entertainment - about the stories and events that affect the lives of our viewers - wherever they may be.


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