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Citizens Affected By Lagos Demolitions Can Apply For Compensation, Says Tokunbo Wahab

Lagos environment commissioner Tokunbo Wahab has emphasised the gravity of climate change, urging rationality over emotions in addressing global warming.

Lagos state commissioner for environment and water resources, Tokunbo Wahab, has noted that citizens affected by the demolition by the Lagos State government can apply for compensation.

He said this in an interview with ARISE NEWS on Friday.

“Compensations are based on application and they are profiled and treated on a case by case basis. Those involved, let them apply, don’t limit the application of compensation to just Mende Villa, and then we take it the governor for approval. This is a government that has empathy for the people.”

He continued, “Let us accept it, climate change is real. Let us embrace it and not let emotions take over.” 

The commissioner made further statements on compensation saying “compensation is based on rights, as a state I know how much we are giving out to the people of Ilasan Jakande. I won’t mention but over two thousand persons are being given compensation, squatters that are not allotees are being given compensation to find a place to relocate to.”

He further explained that they discovered foul play by the developers or home owners and took rapid action. “The home owners were engaging the government but they failed to tell the tenants, we found out but we didn’t wait in our offices, we came out to them.

 “We had served them contravention notices, we are engaging the stakeholders, it’s been on for the past 7 months and we will not start enforcement until we are sure we have spoken to everybody. We are not afraid to enforce our laws.”

Wahab further speaking on the current developing state of Lagos said, “development is a function of proper and deliberate planning, it’s not by accident. If we want to develop, we must do the right things.

“On those people that we demolished their houses, for me as Tokunbo Wahab I feel bad because I’m human, I saw people that were distressed. However, I’ll rather let those people be distressed and save the lives of 22 million Lagosians from flooding.

“When they say Lagos will go under in 50 years, should we fold our hands and watch it happen? We are choosing to do the right thing and it is painful at times to do the right thing.”

Nancy Mbamalu 

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