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Xiaomi Faces High Demand for SU7 Electric Car, Warns Buyers of Seven-Month Wait

Pre-orders for Xiaomi’s SU7 electric vehicle Cars surged to 88,898 within the first 24 hours of availability.

Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics giant, has announced that it is experiencing overwhelming demand for its new SU7 electric car, prompting the company to caution potential buyers of potential delays of up to seven months, as revealed by its app on Monday.

The company opened orders for its SU7 electric vehicle sedan last Thursday, unveiling a starting price of $29,870. Within the first 24 hours, pre-orders surged to an impressive 88,898, signaling a robust interest in Xiaomi’s venture into the electric vehicle market.

CEO Lei Jun took to Weibo on Sunday to announce a second round of sales for the Founder’s Edition, without specifying the quantity available. Additionally, Jun disclosed that Xiaomi had identified and blocked abnormal orders and those made by scalpers during the initial ordering phase.

Xiaomi’s proactive measures come amidst its ambitious expansion into the automotive sector. The company constructed a factory in Beijing with an annual production capacity of 200,000 cars, even before obtaining regulatory approval for manufacturing in China. Notably, state-owned automaker BAIC Group announced in November its collaboration with Xiaomi to manufacture cars at the same facility.

The surge in demand for Xiaomi’s SU7 electric sedan underscores the growing appetite for electric vehicles in China and Xiaomi’s potential to disrupt the automotive market. However, the prolonged wait times may test the patience of eager consumers as they anticipate the delivery of their coveted electric vehicles.

As Xiaomi navigates the challenges of scaling production and meeting soaring demand, the success of its electric vehicle venture could significantly impact the competitive landscape of the automotive industry, both domestically and internationally.

Chioma Kalu

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