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Wike to Workers: You’re a Shame, No Wonder Abuja is Like This

The minister vowed to stop contract padding.

The FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, has flayed workers of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) and Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) of failing to measure up to expectation, describing them as a shame and reason the FCT was the way he met it.

Wike, who delivered the rebuke on Monday at Garki at the launch of the renovation of 135 road projects in Abuja following the failure of the public address system, however, warned those who couldn’t work to leave.

The minister also warned contractors, who arbitrarily vary contract costs in connivance with officials of FCDA Engineering department that such practices would no longer be condoned.  

“Let me express my displeasure at the FCDA. It is unfortunate, and that is why FCT is where it is. If you cannot arrange an ordinary microphone to work, how would FCT work? You are a shame.

“Let me warn all those who are concerned that this should be the last time that I will appear before a public function, and I get this embarrassment, as it will not happen again. If you don’t want to work, you leave,” Wike raged.

Wike assured contractors that FCTA would pay all their money to enable them to complete the project within the agreed timeline.

“To the contractors, let me warn you now, all these deals that you are doing with engineering services will not work again. As there is nothing like variation; it will not work. So, don’t even try it. There is no variation in this job; we have the money to pay you. So, if you like, go to engineering services and do anything with them, it will not work.

“And let me warn the Permanent Secretary and all the directors, don’t ever bring to me any paper (file) to say we didn’t consider this or that, everything has been considered. So, we are paying you your money, and I assure you that nobody will owe you a dime, as we are going to pay you, and you must finish within the time we have agreed with you.

“All I want the residents to do is please support the contractors, so that they can finish the job on time. And to the traditional rulers, we want to solicit your support for the contractors. Don’t allow your subjects to become the cause why this contract will not move on well. I beg you let your youth and residents support the contractors so that we can finish this job on time,” Wike said.

Olawale Ajimotokan

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