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We Want You To Win, UK PM Sunak Tells Netanyahu In Solidarity Visit To Israel

He applauded Israel’s precautionary measures to ensure the safety of civilians.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak has told Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, that the UK wants Israel to “win” its war against Hamas and has offered his support for the country’s “darkest hour”.

In addition, Sunak commended Netanyahu for his actions in facilitating some humanitarian supplies to reach Gaza during his speech with the Israeli prime minister in Tel Aviv on Thursday afternoon.

Sunak, after he landed in Israel, told reporters, “I’m here to express my solidarity with the Israeli people. You have suffered an unspeakable, horrific act of terrorism and I want you to know that the United Kingdom and I stand with you.”

Later appearing alongside Netanyahu, he said, “I’m proud to stand here with you in Israel’s darkest hour, as your friend.”

The prime minister went on to say, “We will stand with you in solidarity, we will stand with your people. And we also want you to win.”

He then added, “I know you are taking every precaution to avoid harming civilians in direct contrast to the terrorists of Hamas which seek to put civilians in harm’s way”.

According to Sunak, the UK supports Israel’s right to “go after Hamas” as the world awaits the anticipated Israeli ground attack into Gaza.

However, he acknowledges that the Palestinian people are also victims of Hamas and applauded the proposal to send supplies from Egypt to Gaza.

Netanyahu then, describing Hamas as “the worst monsters on the planet”, told Sunak “Eighty years ago, prime minister, the civilised world stood with you in your darkest hour. This is our darkest hour. It’s the world’s darkest hour. We need to stand together. We must win together.”

Sunak’s visit to the area coincides with the aftermath of a devastating explosion at a Gaza hospital, which killed hundreds and put immense strain on Gaza’s struggling medical system.

Ozioma Samuel-Ugwuezi

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